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Problem with CorelDRAW on Windows 8

I updated my computer to Windows 8 and it gave me no option about wanting a clean install. It just went ahead and made a clean install. All my programs had to be reinstalled. When I reinstalled CorelDRAW, it gives me the message that my application status can not be verified, even though I am registered and I can see the listing in my account at Corel.com. I am, therefore, unable to update the program. It is so frustrating, because I bought the DVD with book and I have the original DVD. Now, I have trouble getting any help from CorelDRAW because they want money to answer any questions whatsoever. Can anyone please help me sort this problem out?

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  • Was your X6 an upgrade version? If so, you need the serial number from your previous version to prove eligibility for the upgrade and you will presumably need that again whenever you reinstall. You may possibly also need the DVD or download from the qualifying release.

    I've not yet tried installing X6 on windows 8, but that's all I needed to install in windows 7.

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    Dear Harry:

    Thank you for your reply. Yes, I've followed all the steps necessary to install CorelDRAW. I even paid money for a Corel technician to look at my install and confirm that it was done properly. I am having problem with the upgrade. It keeps giving me the same message, that it can't verify my install. I can't get Corel people to answer because, unless I pay cash, I am no longer important. Honestly, I have subscribed to Adobe and I am contemplating ditching Corel completely just for this one arrogant way of treating us. I can't even get an e-mail reply. I am forced to only use this avenue.

    Sorry, for venting there.


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    Big Smile Chalks one up for Corel!!

    If they ever do respond, they are probably going to tell you that CorelDRAW is not compatible with WIndows 8. Big Smile There also exists a very high possibility that they might also make an incredulous suggestion to revert your Operating System back to whatever you had running before Big Smile Live with it brother Smile

    Considering Adobe Illustrator is wise decision. Its is a far more superior program. Yes it does have its issues too, but there some great support out there. I've never had my AI crash even a single time!! And incidentally there is no standard / premium member discrimination for service packs. If Corel doesn't shed its cavalier attitude and grow up in a hurry the future looks very bleak. So, cut your losses while you can.

    Consider this. If they even do that, going by previous release dates, the next version is another two years away!! So if you make the switch to AI now, in that two years you would have learnt so much about AI, that you are hardly going to miss CorelDRAW. If you are using the software on a professional basis, then you will agree that it is wise to learn the tools of your trade. Plus, you would also be able to add your experience with AI  to your profile too!!

    Have you noticed Corel's obsession lately about piracy?? Its not like Corel is the one and only software being pirated. Name a software, and I'll bet there is a pirated version out there. Entire countries are working together to control piracy. But Corel? They are literally paranoid about it, and in the process, instead of working towards a better product, their world revolves around building roadblocks  to protect their product, regardless of the inconvenience to the hapless legal users!! Why? Because their product, however bad it is, eventually is their money. Should you too not be just as careful with your money too?

    Unfortunately, this obsession, succeed in blurring Corel's focus towards a better product. Result, Illustrator, forged ahead.

    If you are wondering what I do, I use both Draw and AI. For  the simple quick ones, CorelDraw works. For the more serious projects, it is Illustrator. No crashes/ No hours of work lost. I do have to keep an AI version of all my work, as it is common knowledge that .AI is the universally accepted format in the design community. Of late, as my dexterity with AI is getting better, I tend to lean towards using it more and more.

    Make your choice a wise one. If you depend on one and only tool, be it Draw or AI, you stand the risk of bringing your workflow to a grinding halt when it breaks. Don't tell me that isn't frustrating!!

    Think about it. The choice of what and when to use is entirely yours.


    "Loyalty makes sense only if both sides value it."


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    they are probably going to tell you that CorelDRAW is not compatible with WIndows 8

    That would be inconsistent with other statements previously made. Including the official X6 specification :

    System Requirements

    • Microsoft® Windows® 8 (32-bit or 64-bit Editions), Microsoft® Windows® 7 (32-bit or 64-bit Editions), Windows Vista® (32-bit or 64-bit Editions), or Windows® XP (32-bit), all with latest service packs installed

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    Big Smile Thanks for the update on that Harry!

    Don't worry though, they will think of something else!! LOL

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    Curious about this one....

    Can you take a snip of the dialog that shows the error? I don't remember errors about a "Valid" install, but I do remember there is a email validation process that needs to happen to finialize the account and I'm wondering if that could be the error you are seeing.


  • Hello Tiger; I THINK it's a problem with the way the Windows registry handles the Corel program. Try putting the DVD in and at the install screen do a REMOVE to uninstall the program, then reinstall it. I Think if you had done the uninstall from the Windows Control Center before the Windows 8 install it would have let you reinstall Corel.

    My Thoughts George

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    And incidentally there is no standard / premium member discrimination for service packs.

    What do you mean with "discrimination"?
    If you don't want to pay, you get the same thing you always got; free updates and bug fixes.
    If you on the other hand would like to benefit from new features and not wait for the next version, you can get a Premium membership that you pay for. If you choose a Premium membership and pay for it for two years, you've already paid for next version in advance.
    Nothing discriminating in it as far as I can see, it's up to the user.
    Have you noticed Corel's obsession lately about piracy?
    How do you mean. Is there something wrong with trying to protect their work. As far as I can see at least, it works absolutely transparent. No problems at all. What's bothering you most?
    I use both Draw and AI. For  the simple quick ones, CorelDraw works.
    How come you use Draw at all, if Illustrator is so superior?

    Do I think Draw is totally flawless and that Corel is doing everything right? No, absolutely not. But Draw is for me the best and fastest way to get the work done. Ten minutes with Illustrator and I get even balder than I already am.

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    Ronny Axelsson
    I get even balder than I already am

    LOL, Good one Ronny ;)

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    The sarcasm isn't lost on me, but I have no axe to grind with you Smile You are entitled to your opinions and I to mine Smile

    I rather not go into this debate with you and turn this into something which it is not.

    Godspeed Ronny Big Smile

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    You are entitled to your opinions and I to mine

    Fair, but since you mentioned "discrimination" and are not satisfied with the way Corel tries to protect their software, then maybe you could elaborate your thoughts.

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    Hello Ronny,

    Please stop making a habit of pulling out certain lines or words from a post and argue over them. I am sorry to see how you are getting so fixated over one line or one word, rather than looking at the post in its entirety. It takes time, effort and flexibility, to be able to see the whole picture. I sincerely urge you to try.

    CorelDRAW isn't your personal product, that you have to get so worked up when you see some criticism about it. We both are users of a product, and it isn't necessary that the satisfaction levels have to be the same. There isn't a single product in the whole world that can boast of a 100% customer satisfaction.

    I hope you can let this go here and move on with a smile Big Smile  If this is about winning an argument, OK, You win!! Cheers!! Big Smile 

    I have still had my say, about the product. It does not personally reflect on you or anyone else. Honestly, I do not even harbor any anger towards the Corel employees, who show up on this forum on a regular basis. Matter of fact, I admire their courage and patience, especially when dealing with people like me Big Smile

    Everything needs some criticism to make it better. So, if my criticism will eventually help make CorelDRAW a better product, then I will continue to do so, even if am the only critic out there!

    Hopefully, we can let it go at this! Smile

    See you around my friend. Smile

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    Hi Suku

    With all due respect, if you type nonsense like "Considering Adobe Illustrator is wise decision. Its is a far more superior program." into a COREL FORUM where everyone is here because they use Corel products and 99% of the time - by choice... we don't need to hear that kind of crap. We are all here to help one another with Corel products.

     If Adobe Illustrator is so great then why are you using CorelDraw at all and why are you bothering to visit the CorelDraw.com forums? If you visit a Ford forum and start telling them Chevy is vastly superior to Ford...watch the reaction you get! They'll tell you where to go very quickly.

    Best regards,

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    Guess it's a free for all now!! Have fun Big Smile

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    If this is about winning an argument

    We haven't even had an argument yet.  Stick out tongue
    You threw up a number of statements that I wanted you to elaborate, because I couldn't find any details and I personally disagreed.
    I did read the whole thread and thought there were some things that you needed to explain further, that's all.
    One can't just say Draw is a piece of s**t (you didn't, it is just an example) and then expect everyone to believe it without knowing why it is so bad.

    You said (and now I'm pulling out words again):

       "they are probably going to tell you that CorelDRAW is not compatible with WIndows 8."

    Based on what facts? Yes I saw the smiley but anyway. I do have Draw installed on a Windows 8 machine, and it works.

       "And incidentally there is no standard / premium member discrimination for service packs."

    Here I wanted an explanation about what the discriminatory part is.

       "Have you noticed Corel's obsession lately about piracy??"

    Same thing here. I cannot personally find anything obsessive about it, just one of many ways to protect their work. And believe me; I've seen worse (like "dongles" for example).

    You don't have to reply to my questions, don't worry. I'll just ignore what you wrote and you can go on use whatever software you like.
    I have a feeling though that you'll find it very hard to let go of Draw completely. Despite its quirks and some instability, it is still very competitive and in some ways totally outstanding.

    Everything needs some criticism to make it better.

    I couldn't agree more. Corel and the suite need criticism, but constructive criticism. My reaction was against your statements without any details to back them up.

    My two cents. Beer


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