Hi Everybody,
.. WARNING !!!!!!
.. The *.cpt thumbnails will disappear from the face of the earth.

I don't understand why or how, but this is what happened.
1. Purchased new 64 bit computer with Win 7.
2. Installed X4, X5, and X6.
3. Uninstalled X6 AND (unfortunately) uninstalled Windows Shell Extension.
4. No more thumbnails for *.cpt files. Just the red icon for all cpt
5. Installed X6 again.
6. Still no thumbnails for cpt files in Windows Explorer


.. Drank a few beers. That cleared my head.

7. Used Windows "Restore" to get back to the good old days
8. Thumbnails now show up.
MORAL: Never ever remove a Shell Extension. It seems that the Shell
Extension tells Windows how to display cpt files. Most unfortunately, it
does not install again when the application is reloaded

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  • Hello Phil1923; AAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh the old shell game, "Now you See It and Now You Don't" ( BEER has got to help!!!)


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    there's no problem under Windows 32 bits. I removed and installed again the Shell Extensions, and CPT thumbnails works fine

  • In reply to Ariel:

    The Shell Extension is required for you to view thumbnails for CPT and CDR files.

    If you remove it you won't see any previews. The shell extension adds this functionality to windows to View these files.

    So... basically you shouldn't panic. Just re-install and your thumbnails will be back.

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    Adrian Juman
    So... basically you shouldn't panic.

    But you still drink the beers.  Wink

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    But you still drink the beers.

    Yes, it is important to drink the beers... and get some more for later.

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    ...And if everything crashes, go and get a GERMAN beer! (a good crystal wheat one not only freezes your brain, it clears all errors with one sip...)YesYesYesBeer

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    That reminds me I need to look for some Grolsch... Haven't had one of that in a while.

    Oh and some stella artois....

    I think I might get tipsy tonight...lol

    Everyone is invited... Big Smile

  • Hi Everybody,
         Thanks for the comments and humor.
         I can drink to that.
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    I had exactly the same problem. I should not have uninstalled X6.

    I uninstalled X4 and reinstalled it. Same problem, the cpt thumbnails were not restored.

    I decided to reinstall the X6 Trial version and that restored everything.

    I have Windows 7, 64 bit and just realized that X6 handles large files much better in PhotoPaint.


    X4 can't handle them very well, some layers don't even show up on the screen.


    So I will buy the upgrade.


    This thread was very helpful, thanks to all who contributed.


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    Hi Tristan,
       Let me add that I also have Windows 7 and a 64 bit computer.
       However, I found that the 32 bit version gave better performance than the 64 bit version for my computer and configuration.
    1.  It was just as fast as the 64 bit version.  The upper limit of a few GBytes is more than enough for me.
    2.  CPT thumbnails showed up in Windows Explorer.
    3.  COPY and PASTE worked perfectly everywhere in the 32 bit version whereas in the 64 bit version and in PP X4 it was erratic.  I use it everywhere to go back and forth between layers, Windows Explorer, different images on the desktop, clip masks, Paint on Mask, channels, etc.
    4.  PP X6 is a pleasure to use.  Everything just hops along.
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    Hi Phil

    I work in a sign shop and we do large format digital prints. I often have to print at 96x300 inches. I see a huge difference between X6 and X4.

    I`'m use to piling stuff in the playing field, not using Layers like Photoshop. X4 will at times give me a white screen instead of showing me the objects

    I am working with. I have to play with the zoom tool and find the right zoom factor to see them (weird, I know). Or, some objects will only be marqueed and

    I can`t see them at all. X6 is a workhorse. Works like a charm. No more issues. I decided to buy the upgrade today and am very happy with it. Smile

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    Reading on what you guys are finding out I am going to postpone upgrading to a 64 bit

    I'll buy some beer instead   Cheers.

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  • In reply to Giulio:

    Hi Giulio,
         In my case, it was not 32 bit vs 64bit.  It was that on my computer, the 32 bit version of X6 runs a lot better than the 32 bit version of X4.
         Then again, you can get a lot of beer for $200.
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    Of course some of us do not want Windows to display thumbnails of Coreldraw images. I recall a time or two when I had to do a bit of nosing about to figure out how to uninstall the thumbnail view shell extension.