How to insert Page number ?

If I would like to compose a booklet in Corel Draw, how can I insert page numbers ?

I know the use of Master Layer. But contents on it will remain unchanged for all the pages. However the page numbers should auto increase page by page.

Adobe InDesign or pagemaker is useless infront of Corel Draw. But the problem of Footer (page numbering) has to be resolevd. So that Corel Draw will replace InDesign or related book work softwares. 

Please tell me how to add page numbers.

 Thank you.

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  • CorelDRAW does not automatically number pages. Period. There is an included
    macro that can add numbers when the booklet is finished.
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    Thank you for the reply.

    Can you please tell me about where will I get information about tha macro that can add numbers when the booklet is finished. or what is the name of that macro ?

    Once again thank you for the information.

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    To get the Page Number macro, select Tools | Visual Basic | Play. Under
    Macros in, select . The macro name is
    CorelMacros.PageNumbering. Don't get too excited, it probably isn't what you
    would like.

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     Thanks for your help. Its working

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    I have added this macro bt it is giving the same result as FosterCoburn told.

    Thanks for your guidance and help.


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     Hello! Smile

    Now I have trial-version CorelDrawX4  and I play macros. Why  my  macro "Page numbering" hasn't options: "Bottom Facing"; "Opposing Face" ?

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    Hi visioneye

    Just try this one. This won't work properly with facing pages, but you would be able start  page numbering with desired number for the first page.


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     Thanks for providing this macro. I have installed it,bt whn ever I try to run it gives the following error:

    "Compile Error in hidden module: CorelElements"


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    Sorry for that. I shall check and post it again.

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    How many pages is possible to design in coreldrawx6. I need to design a 300 pages book including images and drawing is it possible or not please suggest me

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    Recommended method is to split your document up into sections or chapters of about 10 to 20 pages each. Then when you have completed it all, make a single PDF from all the sections.

    You can do this by opening all of the documents at the same time, making sure to open them in the order they need to appear. Then do File > Publish to PDF, go in to settings and select documents. Though I'm not totally certain whether that facility was in X3.

    Note: If you want every section to begin on a right hand page, you will need to add an empty page to any section with an odd number of pages.



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