How to export *.eps for spot colors

I would like to know how to export a 2 color *.cdr creation (logo) as an *.eps such that it has two grey scale layers each representing the two spot colors I chose?

  • In reply to Ken Glaza:

    As I said Ken, I don't know enough about PS to give you any solid advice about that program.

    But I do know, you can do exactly as I outlined above.

    Make sure your using a Pantone palette to insure you're only getting 2 plates (if you don't use spot colors, it's still possible t but it  will involve a lot more work)

    Select your postscript printer (if you don't have one, use Corel's default ps printer)

    Go to the sep tab/pre-press tab and set your parameters

    Then go back and Print (save to  .ps file)


    If you've set  your 2 sep plates properly, when you import that .ps file back into Corel it will come in on 2 separate for each color.

    From there, all you'd need to do is save each page as a separate eps file...............if that's what your printer requires.

    Can he use a pdf as well?