Please help! I need to restore the file till Wednesday! My work depends on it

Please help! I need to restore the file till Wednesday! My work depends on it. I'm using CorelDraw X3. Through it I can't correctly open my file, I see unknown image instead my graphic.

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  • Hello EdgarHoov; Post the file and we can take a look at it for you.


  • If you are using windows 7 or later, you can try opening the folder in windows explorer, right click on the CDR, go to properties and then the previous versions tab. It may have kept an older version.

    I can't remember if XP also kept previous versions and it also depends on your configuration, so it is not definite that you will have them.

    Another, small, possibility is to look in the same folder and see if you have a file which begins backup_of_... and your filename. But this keeps only one previous copy so if you have saved the file more than once since Wednesday your backup will be too new.


  • -Go to Start and type %temp% in the search bar and press Enter on your keyboard.

    -Click on the Temp folder.

    -In the Temporary folder window, set the view to Details.

    -Filter the details to Date Modified.

    -Look for the cdr file that is dated on the same time the program has stopped working.  This file should be a copy of the file you were worked on.

    Or try: CDR Repair Kit. A must-have CorelDraw CDR repair tool for all categories of users seeking a reliable method of restoring their CorelDraw images after data corruption accidents of various types.

    As it works:

    If it doesn't help, look for the answer here:

  • In reply to LeslieDan:

    I strongly suggest that people do not use repair tools like the above without a positive recommendation from an established member of the community.

    I have no proof that the linked file is a trojan -- but it certainly could be.

    If anybody is considering trying the above file, I strongly suggest they do so either in a VM or a newly built copy of windows and no important programs or data on the machine, test the program with no access to the internet, and destroy the windows immediately after testing.