Will Coreldraw X3 work with Windows 10

Will all functions work with Windows 10 or do I need to upgrade?

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  • You'll probably have to run that under a Virtual operating system, since X3 is quite old now. In fact, X3 might not even work under win 7. I have X3 running under VMWARE Player in WIN XP PRO environment (for testing).
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    X3 works fine with Win 7 pro. Don't know about Win 10. From what I hear it should though.
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    Hi Guys, thank you for replying. I run Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. Coreldraw X3 works with it OK. What is a virtual system?

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    What is a virtual system?

    it allows you to install different operating systems - kind of like having a virtual computer... within a computer. I use vmware player (free version) to run XP under win 7 64. There are others though; I haven't tried them.

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    I am looking to purchase the Student edition of CoreldrawX7. Does anyone know what it contains, or rather what will be missing? I understand it will be a limited edition.
  • Hi, have just updated to windows 10 and corelDraw X3 graphics suite would not run from previously working icon in tool tray. I inserted the original X3 disk and 'repair installation' and corel draw and corel capture both working perfectly. 24/Aug/15
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    Hi DragonCar - i tried to install X3 on a new windows10 machine and it won't install any suggestions ? shall I downgrade to windows 8?
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    You need at least Windows Pro to use the XP mode. if you update to windows 10 and don't have at least Pro 10 won't have it either. If you have Windows 7 and you are running all of the programs you have why update Windows to 10???


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    Hi George - it is a new PC which came with w8.1 and because the upgrade to w10 was free - I didn't think too much ...

    Thanks for your reply - but I just bought Corel x7 which hopefully is gonna work ok

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    Heilo smilegr8; Think about it. It is FREE. so why are they GIVING away something costing as much as it did for FREE??? They junked 9 and went fo ten. I LIKE 7 a lot better than 10 anyway........It's not nice to look a gift horse in the mouth, BUT with this you had better look at the other end with a CROW bar.............

  • Well, X3 is working better than it ever has before for me under Windows 8.1 (PhotoPaint is very happy, responsive and fast with my Wacom tablet) so I can only assume that the short step to Windows 10 will be a happy environment as well.
  • CorelDraw X3 Working Very well in Window 10, but Install in your risk because after install CorelDraw X3 in Window 10 your Window 10 Taskbar not work, Start Menu Button Not Work, Window Inbuilt Apps Not show and not work. Finally Don't install in window 10.
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    Hello Nosyrodie: If you updated a free ver. of Win. 10 And you had at least Pro of the old Windows you had you will still have XP mode if you down load it.

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    I was quite happy with X3 running on Win 8.1, and being retired, I saw no reason to upgrade. Once I upgraded to Win 10, Corel X3 still worked but there were a few minor problems. Scanning availability being the biggie. I decided to bite the bullet and buy Corel X7 and everything is fine.

    Although a bit pricey, since X3 didn't qualify for the upgrade version, I an VERY happy that I upgraded (tons of newer features)