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how can I display cdr thumbnails in windows 7 file explorer

I am having t go back to working with my desktop machine. This machine is running Windows 7 and has Coreldraw X3 installed. In older versions of both Windows and Coreldraw the Windows file Explorer would display thumbnails when set to show large icons. Now all I can get is something that looks like a text file icon.

I'm pretty sure I've seen the thumbnails work in later versions of Windows before. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

BTW the "Change" or "Repair" option in "Programs and Features" didn't do anything helpful.

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  • Hello ronc0011; If you Saved them in the ver. you want to see them in it will work for you. But X3 will NOT show a file that was done in X8........Try back saving the file to the oldest Corel you use. Don't for get you May lose some of the Newer things in the newer program.

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    No, It doesn't work. I just uninstalled Coreldraw X3 and then reinstalled it specifically to keep an eye out for the option to enable shell extensions which BTW was not there. Did not show up anywhere in the install process.
    So, in short I'm working with a brand new fresh install of Coreldraw X3 which I used to make a brand new file. A very simple file with 100 pt text which I copied and converted the copy to curves and then saved to my "C:\" drive. Still no proper thumbnail. just the same old Notepad style icon.
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    I still have X3 too and this happened to me when I went from Windows XP to Windows 7. I tried X6 and it will display the thumbnails, but I haven't found a way to get X3 to do it.

    But here's a workaround. Pretend you are writing an email and click to attach a file to it. Select the folder that has your X3 files and the thumbnails magically will appear. Not as convenient but better than nothing.
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    Actually no it doesn't
    in fact the file doesn't even shoe up. It's there when I open the folder in Windows Explore, just not a thumbnail. Only the notepad style icon.
  • Hi,
    (I'm assuming that you have tried already to associate .cdr files with your version of Corel Draw. Right click an icon and click on 'open with/choose default program/Corel DrawX3') If that hasn't worked, try what's below.
    I'm writing this from memory because I haven't had an actual physical disk for a Corel Draw install since X5 but I remember going through this same thing.
    Put your Corel Draw Install disk in your drive and when it asks you what you want to install you choose 'extras'. I think it's on a tab. From there choose the Windows Shell Extension only and follow Corel's instructions from there.
    I hope this helps.
  • Hi Ron,


    Buy Mystic Thumbs ($50).
    You no longer have to bother with associations, fixing the registry, etc.
    It won't help with .cpt thumbnails because Corel will not release the .cpt specification.

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    Hi Ron,
    Mystic Thumbs will also create thumbnails in Windows Explorer for Photoshop .psd, PaintshopPro .pspimage, and about 100 other thumbnails.
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    I just tried Ripcord3's email workaround and it worked! It's not a solution of course but I'm just amazed that it actually works...the wonders of computers eh?
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    The weird thing is that after the Windows 10 creative update my email programs show no thumbnails at all for any program.