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CorelDraw X3 Font Navagator won't open on screen.

I am running this on a Windows 7 machine. I open the program and it shows in the taskbar tray but seems to be opening off screen. When I hover over the System tray icon it shows me the open program window but clicking on it seems to open it off screen. Unable to actually use the program.

 BTW I have already set the program to compatibility mode


Is there any way to fix this

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  • Hello ronc0011; When you first setup CDN you tell it where to look for the fonts you have on your computer. It finds them and puts them in a list. When you go to one of the Corel programs like Draw and you want to type something, you can select one of those fonts without loading into Windows/Fonts. That's the way it's suppose to work, If it's not doing that it maybe time for a reset with holding down the F8 key before starting it. GOOD LUCK.......

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    Actually I figured out how to fix the problem. Not sure what was going on but as I said the Font Navigator program was opening off screen. Aside from the slight flicker when it opened or closed it I couldn't actually see it.

    Finally I went into Windows Display setting and rearranged my monitors ( I'm running 2 monitors) this allowed me to see the program and I was able to position it to the center of a different monitor. then reset my monitors back the way they were. All is good now.