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Can I open .Ai files coming from a free Vector art site into Corel X3?

Trying to use vectors from Vecteezy that come in as .Ai files.  I get a corrupt file error message or nothing at all.  Do I have to own Adobe Illustrator as well to use these files?  Would love to find a simple way to open in Corel X3

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  • You mean import right? Could be that the ai file was created in a newer version than what X3 can support. Do you have Adobe Acrobat Pro? Not reader but Pro.
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    Thank you for the reply, sorry for the long delay. If import is correct then yes.....I have no control over the version of the ai. files that I am receiving so I have to look at other options. I do not have the Pro Adobe. Is it available as a download...my thought is just that if I have to buy a program, it might as well be Adobe Illustrator. But I hate to purchase something that I will never use other than converting to eps files. I am using Win 7 Home on my computer.
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    The only reason I asked about Adobe Acrobat Pro was it has a free utility to print as pdf. I believe you can also get a free utility out there that does the same. Right click on the file and choose print, change your printer to Adobe PDF. It doesn't actually print the file it just converts it to pdf. Then import the pdf to cd. Can't say that I've used it with an ai file but would be worth investigating.