Reverse Conversion of Text to Curves

I recently converted text to curves in an attempt to center them more accurately.  How do I convert them back so I can edit the text?


EDIT - I erased and retyped the text, in a bit of a hurry.  Though, if there is a way to unconvert, I would like to know.


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  • I'm 99% sure that Corel discards the font information once you convert to curves... I think the way you dealt with it is the only way. =]

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    That's probably right =(

    I'm still very new at this whole graphic design thing, but I'm learning fast.  Unfortunately, the person that I'm supposed to be learning from here isn't much of a teacher... which is why I ask here.

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    I agree.  I believe that the only way to un-convert something is through our friend 'Control + Z'

    One thing that I have done over the years if I'm not sure that something is going to work the way that I want, is to duplicate the object, move the duplicate over & then work with the duplicate.

    Another nice thing about Corel 13 is that you can now place your text wherever you want through the 'x' 'y' coordinates at the top left of your toolbar.  Just make a little note on a scratch pad as to where the 'x' 'y' coordinates of the text are.  Convert them to curves or whatever, and then just enter the coordinates for the newly altered text.  Bada bing, bada boom.  :)

    Either way though, converting the text to curves should be the final thing you do with your text once you have edited & proofread.  If you convert to curves, save the file & then close Corel - that's it.

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    Once a font is converted to curves you loose all characteristics of the font. The "font" is now an object or group of objects. I offered help in your post yet I did state to save a copy of the file before converting in case you needed to edit at a later date. Must have read over that post.


    Just make sure you save a copy not converted or youll have a tough time later on trying to figure out hte font used, have to re typeset, etc. I usually just copy to a new page and keep all text live on the second page of the file. or save as an entirely new file.



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    Love that 20/20 hindsight.  Tongue Tied

    A rule I'll follow religiously in the future...

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    If you don't want a lot of extraneous files, I copy everything that might change or that I may need original info, onto the drawing window (large white space around drawing page). Then I don't have to remember the relationship of the file and why I saved it, and I also have immediate access to the info by selecting the font, an object converted to bitmap, etc. 

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    If you have assigned a file name, you could open the backup file and it may still contain the text. If it doesn't come back with Ctrl-Z, you have to reset the text.