Exporting to true type fonts

Hi good day!

Happy new year! (nearly...)

I've been reading on making my own fonts. I learned that coreldraw can do it. In fact i also consider purchasing an online tutorial in making my own font.


I think i am having problems in "exporting". I can't see ".ttf" choice in my export dialogue box. I believe this is a common problem. I also tried resetting my workspace.

I also tried exporting a "single closed figure" as suggested by Mosh in one of the threads. but to no luck i can't see the true type choice...

I will only need to make 9 new symbols. Here is an example... I need to make 9 of these with different letters inside the circle. I need it to be true type so that it can be read by a GIS software.




  • Konfucide
    I can't see ".ttf" choice in my export dialogue box.

    Hi K,

    Try repairing your installation of CorelDraw and make sure your desired Import and Export filters are checked.

    And take a look at this thread incase you haven't already done so.