Novice....learning CorelDraw do you make the Erase Tool really erase

I have looked everywhere....and of course all in the wrong do you make the erase tool really erase...not just rearrange the lines

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  • Unless you want to eliminate the object completely, isn't that the same thing? When you "erase", in effect you are just rearranging the object, aren't you?
  • To Corel Draw, the object you created has a fill and the eraser will behave as Diane showed with the magenta stars. I think you want the eraser tool to behave as if you had drawn an outline on paper with a pencil; it would have no fill. To do that in Draw, the object must have the outline broken apart so that it no longer has a fill. To do that, use the shape tool and right click on a node. From the dropdown menu select 'Break Apart'. Now the eraser tool will act as if it is acting on just an ouline, which it is. - Scotty

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     If you are trying to erase part of a raster image then you must erase in photo paint. If it is vecto, then scotty has the answer. You can go to  your tools and unselect the treat objects as filled.


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    You can "erase"raster as well as vector images in CorelDraw.........but if your goal is to have an open area, then follow Scotty's advice or change your preference for treating objects as filled, as Michael pointed out. All depends on what you're starting with and what you're trying to achieve.
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    You can erase it in draw but your image will still be the same size, if you want to really delete that part of the image it must be done in photo paint otherwise you are just masking it in draw and not truly erasing it.


    To touch more on what i'm saying here, do me a favor and bring in a bitmap image and simply grab your eraser tool and erase half of your image, now go into your bitmaps and edit bitmap. You will notice that it brings up the entire image in photo paint! That is because you never truly erased any of the bitmap, you can also notice this by looking at the file size of your bitmap before, and after erasing by going to your resample tool in bitmaps, you will notice that after erasing any of the image that the file size is still the same.

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