How to setup my Roland CX-24 plotter to cut straight from corel draw 12

Ive just bought myself a Roland CX-24 plotter and a corel draw 12. I want to send my vector images straight from corel draw to the plotter but i just cant get it to work. Does anyone know a step by step guide to setting it up correctly

  • You should be able to down load a driver from Roland. If the CX-24 is just a plotter you may have to use outlines, fills are not very good with a fine line pen.


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    thanks for the advice george but i dont think its the driver. ive now installed two differnet types of driver on my computer today and get the same results. i new to corel draw and i think this is where my problems is. its been very temperamental today. its either- not cut anything at all, fed the whole reel of vinyl out the front or cut my design rediculously big. the design is only an outline and has no fill to it. Is there any setup tips you have for me that will enable me to cut at a normal size and everytime i ask it to? lol.

  • Unless you are using a hot knife you will need a program that has the blade offset. One program is "Diredt Cut" that is a bolt on for CorelDraw. I export what I want to cut as a ".ai" from Adobe and import it into SignLab. SignLab is a good program for vinyl cutting, it also does things for cutting that CorelDraw doesn't. Try to draw with the plotter first it's a lot cheaper than vinyl. when I started using a cutter I sent as as a "HP 1016" If that helps any.