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Double clicking a jpg to go to Corel Photo

Hi There,

I posted this topic about Corel x4 and got some answers.  Unfortunately it didnt work because my corel was corrupt.  But now I installed my old Corel 12 and tried to follow the instructions the same way as they told me to do it in Corel x4, but the options are different. 

So..... how do i make the settings so that when i double click on an image in corel 12, it will take me directly to Corel Photo for editing.  Thanks so much.

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  • First, you need to locate the CorelDRAW.exe file for you version. It is most likely in C:\ProgramFiles\Corel\Corel Graphics Sutte 12\Programs, but I am not positive as I do not have 12. Do a search for CorelDRAW.exe if yo need tol

    Once you know this location open the Control Panel and FolderOptions. This is from XP.

     Select Open Edit

     Select Browse and browse to the CoretDRAW.exe file, then click ok and back out by clicking OK on each panel

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