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when  i open corel draw 12 object manager does not load, i have to select it from tools, but this crashes it with the error attached. i have logged into other machines and object manager loads automatically and have no problems.





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  • From the image you posted, I think your problem may be from one of two causes:

    1.  You may have a corruption in your desktop settings. Simple way to solve this, is to press and hold down the F8 key while starting DRAW and answer "Yes" to resetting the desktop to factory defaults. Or, if that does not work, then...

    2.  You may have flaky or bad memory cell(s) in your RAM, if you have dual RAM sticks, exchange them and see if you come up with a different result or if this error is reported by other programs. Since this involves playing with sensitive circuitry, I would leave this as a last resort, and if you are uncomfortable trying to swap the RAM sticks, then google for and run an extensive memory test on your system.

  • Hello saidb; What kind of computer and OS are you using?


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    Hi George. Guess you did not deduce the fact that he is using WinXP, from the image he posted.

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    dell optiplex i7 8gb ram win xp

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    Hello Hugh' I have the video set high so I can't tell what he's using, but he says you are right, and I think the F8 reset would help ( can't heart except for having to rebuild the setup ).


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    thanks for your assistance however memory swap did not rectify nor did a new hard drive. i installed the x5 suite and that fixed it.