Anyone installed CorelDRAW 12 on Windows 7?

I have a client who is curious about this.

I'm not sure if win 7 32 or 64 bit makes any difference.

I have a client with Draw 12 wondering what will happen if they buy new laptop. Draw 12 works for their needs.

Like many, they're concerned that they'll have to upgrade lots of other software also, potentially exceeding the 800.00 cost of the laptop/win 7 itself.

  • I just got a new tower built for home and my wife poo-poo'd me for having Windows XP installed instead of going with 7.  I am an avid gamer and did not want issues with 7 ruining what I already had worked on in the way of mod design and such.

    Here at work I went straight from CorelDraw 11 to X4 and am still running Windows XP.

    As far as I know 7 shouldn't cause any problems, but then I am not a tech by any means.

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    I just got a new tower built for home and my wife poo-poo'd me for having Windows XP installed instead of going with 7.

    XP's cool, but I really like the search features in vista and all works fine with it.
    I'm definitely gonna hold off on the windows 7 for atleast another year.


  • Jeff, I haven't tried Version 12 on Windows 7 as yet. X3 seems to run fine but the majority of my time I use the newer versions. Runs perfect on Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit.

    You should have a look at Windows XP Mode.

  • I successfully installed coreldraw 12 gs on windows 7, and using the compatibility options, got the apps to launch, bringing up the activation window.  Unfortunately,  a "continue" button to proceed without activation does not appear as the explanation in this window says, and when I press the activate now button, I get an error message saying that either the system date/time settings are wrong, the server is busy, or there is no internet connection. 

    I installed a downloaded upgrade version from several years ago that I have.  Any suggestions.

  • Windows 7, and any other operating system they create is a huge slutty from major producers of software, it seems,

    gather in some secret place to conspire against us, the users.

    Of course the news are welcome, but we do not have to throw out what we bought.


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    CorelDraw 12 is working fine with me on windows 7.




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    For what it's worth: I have on this machine (the one that is my main workstation), Windows 7 Professional, 32 bit. And I have installed and running the following versions of CorelDRAW Graphics Suites; Ver. 11, X3, X4 and X5. All of them play nicely and run without problems.

    But, then again, I do not have Microsoft Office or other applications that are known to assume that the whole PC thing belongs only to that application and leaves little resources for anything else. I use my main workstation for CGS and vinyl/twill cutting. (Most of my Internet interfacing is done under Linux on another box.)

  • Win 7 has an extra-cost  "XP Compatibility Mode".  It doesn't come free with the basic Win 7 package; you have to buy it.   If users verifying the Win7 experience would say if they have the "XP Compatibility Mode" option, it would help us to know what works and what doesn't work.  Thanks, guys!

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    Well Hugh, you're my new hero. But first, to bolster the OP, I'm running Win7_64(Home) on a spanking new laptop and have (almost) successfully installed CGS12 on the little beastie. I say almost because I'm having an issue installing SP2. It seems to feel the original install didn't complete so it insists I repair the installation before it'll go forward. Believing it to be true, I uninstalled/reinstalled but no joy. One thing to look out for with 7 is that dialog boxes don't always float to the top, so there _was_ a hiccup with the first attempt to install and I think there might be a stub somewhere that's impeding the application of the Service Pack. I'll be posting that as a separate issue but, in the meantime, CGS12 placed itself in a 'Program Files (x86)' folder which apparently is the place all <64-bit apps go, and I've at least opened PP and Draw with no problems. I won't be doing any serious work until the patches are successfully installed, but I'm optimistic.

    Now, back to fun stuff. I've shrunk the C: partition in anticipation of loading Slackware but cfdisk is getting cranky that there's something wrong with the 'Recovery' or 'HP Tools' partitions so _that_ needs to be addressed, but I'm excited about having a 64-bit Linux running on a GHz machine. I've got 3 other installations, ranging from a 200MHz PentiumPro to a 600MHz Thinkpad.

    Ain't life grand,


  • I have a similar question about installing corelx3 on my new win7 64bit  enterprise machine.  I tried installing it today but as I have a 64Gig solid state drive as my c: drive I want to install it on my other drive and keep the ssd for my operating system only.  The install process did not give me any option to install it to the drive of my choice.  Can anyone offer me any advice and did I miss something

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    I am trying to install Corel 11 under Windows 7 ultimate. Draw and Photo paint crash every way I try to install, normal and under compatiblitiy with XP, service pack 3. Any suggestions?

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  • I had problem with installing CD Graphics Suite 12 on Windows 7. The problem was some bug in system. If you have problem with installation of Corel on Windows 7, maybe this can help:

    Similar problem might be on Vista. Just try searching for the error number, that might show up. And make sure, you have installed Update for Windows Vista (KB951978).

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  • I tried and failed to install CGS12 on my Win7 machine, and all I got when running Corel Draw was a brief flash of the splash screen, then nothing.  I discovered when trying to run other programs in the suite that there was a problem with msvcp71.dll.  This file is not included with some versions of windows.  I downloaded it from the www and put it in the Programs folder of CGS12.  Now Draw works.  This might help someone.  Search for info on msvcp71.dll and you'll see what I mean.

  • I have it installed on both 32 and 64 bit and both work fine.
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    Hello pauldm; You are answering a very old post. If you look at the dates it will show you when they were posted.

    Don't feel bad we have all done it.Big Smile