Corel Draw 11 on MacBook Pro

I'm using Corel Draw 11 on a new MacBook Pro and some fonts operate fine, but the cursor spins to infinity when I select certain fonts. I have to force quit Corel and re-start.

I have removed fonts as I thought that might be the problem, but to no avail.

Any help is appreciated,

Diana Haake 

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  • Hello Diana,

    Your post looked so replies. I don't use  a Mac so I can't really help, but try posting your question in the Corel NewsGroup for v11 (put into your newsgroup reader). I'm sure that someone there would be able to give you a helping hand.

  • Hello Diana,

    CorelDRAW 11 is a PowerPC application that was made for MacOS 10.2 from what I recall. This means that on a MacBook Pro, it will run under Rosetta, the PowerPC emulation mode from Apple. I've noticed that applications running under Rosetta have a tendency to get the cursor to spin on the Intel Macs.

    Do you have this problem specifically with certain fonts or is it random?


  • yes Draw 11 for Mac is for G3, G4 and G5, not Intel. as it is i think CorelDRAW for Mac already uses some kind of emulator to run on PPC. i noticed during install there were quite a few .dll files.
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    I have a G3 iBook running Tiger 10.4.x and I'm having the same font selection problems in CorelDRAW 10.  Fonts that work with the same version of CorelDRAW under Panther 10.3.x just don't work with Tiger.  I get the spinning ball and the program is locked up, and the only way out is to quit the application. I'm thinking, Diane, that Tiger and not Intel might be our problem.  Anybody have any thoughts, solutions?

    Puzzled in Minnesota 

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    oh, what you have i think is a corrupted font. i have had similar problems in the past where even as i was scrolling through the font window in DRAW it would stop on a font and the program would essentially freeze. in my case it was Microgramma. i found this to be an issue on Os 8.6 with DRAW 8 for Mac and on Panther with DRAW 11. sometimes lots of fonts can get screwed up or at least DRAW thinks they are. you might require a font utility like Suitcase to manage fonts and do repairs. CD tends to need a font manager anyway.