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Arabic Fonts & Numbers


I use Corel Draw Gaphics Suite Version 11.

I have a frequent use of the Arabic Language, but the problem i face is that i can it in Corel Draw.

I would like some help regarding how i can make the usage of Arabic in Corel.

Nor can i import the PDF which i have made from Word which is also in Arabic.

At the very moment the way i use Arabic Fonts in Corel is i have to type it in Word and then take word by word and using the Text tool i have to paste it in Corel.

I cant use Arabic Fonts at all because they come in English instead of Arabic.

I would like urgent help regarding this matter if possible.

Thank You.



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  • Hi Murtaza, As far as my knowledge goes, Corel became Unicode Programe from v12. I don't think that u can write or even paste Arabic in any version prior to v12. The only way you can bring ur Arabic Text is by Print to File option under MS word Print dialog. for this you have to have a postscript printer driver installed on ur PC. Then the text will be importable in draw but it will no longer remain an editable text it will be converted to curves.

  • I have been using Corel-11 since at least 4 years now. I have been using Arabic in Corel 11 using installation of Arabic Keyboard (IME) thru Win XP-SP2.

    Just a few days back, on typing Arabic, the characters type Left to Right and not right-to -left as it should be. The properties show the text to be right to left in nature.

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled as many as 6-8 times in the last 3 days and now I am getting desperate as my work is getting hampered.

    Any solutions, anyone?



    Awaiting ..... desperately ....