corel 11 / win 7 compatability

spent many hrs on tech help w/HP and MS....I was shown how to correct compatabilty with corel 11 to XP via the options under "properties" of Corel 11.  Yet every time I try to do something in Corel 11 the program crashes.  I MUST use Corel 11 in order to make the files work with K-Cam, the
CNC software in my Kern Laser....

HP Pavilion dv8t quad notebook with Windows7

any help to keep Corel from crashing??

OR is it possible to move back to XP if it was never installed on this NEW laptop?

PLEASE help soon


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  • It's probably possible to go back to xp but you'll lose alot. There won't be any video drivers/sound card etc. if your computer is new and made for windows7, so it would be using the basics, which aren't good. Finding drivers would be a tough job.

    You could try the compatibility mode, which I think windows7 should have or google "microsoft virtual pc" which should run corel11 fine in too.


  • What version of Windows 7 do you have?

    As a matter of fact any Edition can run Windows XP mode through Windows Virtual PC.

    You'll need to download two files.

    It's a free download and you should be able to run your software flawlessly.

    More information can be found here

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  • Did you ever find a solution? I have an HP DV7 with an i7 processor Running Win 7 in 64 Bit Mode with the same problem.


    I've tried:

    XP Compatibility

    Unistall CD 12

    Reinstall CD 12

    ReinStall CD 11

    Reinstall CD9

    Nothing seems to work.. The program loads, some files open, but the moment i toch tthem, "Corel Have Unexpectedly Stopped"

    Use of this program is critical. I have several years of CDR files and all of my work is based on CDR.

    Any help would be appreciated.




  • In reply to MIKECANUCK:

    The previous posts actually do contain the solution, which is to use "Windows Virtual PC" to set up "XP Mode". This is not the same as installing corel draw in windows 7 and changing a setting.  You actually run a copy of windows XP in a "Virtual" environment, and install your older corel program there.

    hope it helps

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