I want to convert a ms-word file to corel


       I want to convert a ms-word file to corel draw 9 or any other version with 112 pages, needed to fit page on page. Can i do so please help someone!


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    I've been importing WORD documents & or pages on occasion for a number of years now through numerous versions of WORD and CD. (currently X3... but most versions right back to  version 7 - even done it very sparingly in earlier versions)

    I think 9 has the option to import WORD files. The filter has to be  installed when  installing Version 9. If the "import WORD file" is not there as an option in the import file dialogue box, then install it using a Custom Install process from the original CD9 disc.

    The other thing that works is to open the WORD file... select a page of text, copy it to the Windows clipboard, then bring up a blank page in CD and paste it in... Do a "Paste Special" from the Edit dropdown menu in CD to see your options for preserving formatting, etc.; and then experiment with process options to achieve the best result you can.

    The files may not copy over perfectly, but it's a lot easier than retyping them all.




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    Hi guys,


    I'm having a huge problem on this topic, as well. Namely, I have a 400 pages Word file, which I need to convert to a Corel file (version X3 or older). This file is actually a book, which needs to be converted in Corel and mirrored so it could be printed (published).

    Now, I tried copy-pasting the text, even the whole pages, but the problem I have is that I automatically lose page layout and the imported file is treated like a picture which  you could drag all over the place, which makes things difficult....Sad

    I read some of your posts, but I am not sure which advice would you recommend, since this is over 400 pages we're talking....


    So, my question would be: how to convert this file, without losing the original layout of the text?

    I will be thankful for any answers, because I've been torturing myself with this for over a month.......Crying


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    Convert the word file to pdf then import the pdf to coreldraw.

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    I did that, but I still can't match the layout from my original document... Is there any different way than adjusting each page manually to fit the layout?

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    Dear Print your document to a file rather than on a paper, then import into corel draw. When it asks to convert to text or curve, choose curves.

    Steps for Printing to file.

    1: Press Ctrl+P   (to open print dialog)

    2: Now Check On the option "Print to File" in print dialog.

    3: Define page range to print ( it should be a small number of pages about 50, for other pages repeat these steps)

    4: Press Print

    5: Define the output for the file.

    6: import the printed file into corel draw.