Need Help Finding Heraldry Clipart (Coat of Arms..etc)..

Hi All ~ Not sure where to post this ~ since this is my first post..and new to this site..Big Smile

I remember Corel Draw 4 came with a set of clipart which had some Heraldry Clipart (Coat of Arms..etc)..
Now im not to sure if any other versions after 4 have them ~ Since i have lost the disc
through the years ..

To expand my serach for them..

Can anyone help me if there is any later versions after 4 have this clipart ?

Thanks in Advance

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  •  Version 8 has a large section on heraldry with shields, supporters, elements etc.

  • Jay, I'm not sure exactly what kind of "heraldry" you're looking for..........but this site has plenty.

    It may even be where the ver.4 heraldry images came from.....


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     Thank you Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

    Rick Flohr & ColorYourWorld


  • Artistryjay,

    This was a long time coming but just happened to find your ancient post on an Internet search.

    That was CorelDraw8 and they are an invaluable resource for me.  Here's another set using CoreldDraw:



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    I too am searching for Clip art - I have coreldraw 8, now X5 but the files seem thin - two questions if you don't mind

    Is any of the clip art on the site worth getting - from what I saw it was ok -

    I have corel gallery magic but could not find any newer version on the net

    Does any one know of any "gallery disk" besides what Corel has on the site that corel supports?


    Thanks for any help you can give me

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    I once did PC desktop publishing for a small company back in the mid-90s.  Came accross Corel Gallery (10,000 images) and bought two copies.  One got scratched but still using the good one.  I've seen other "thousands" packages but the Corel has given me good service and will into the future I expect.  The 10,000 version only had three pages of heraldry shields with charges but not as many as desired.  The best I've found is CorelDraw8.

    A very exciting set of heraldry graphics that I've keep up with for a decade is Armorial Gold and they are easily found on the Internet with those search words.

    So many of today's clipart graphics today are cartoonish in my opinion but if you can find a Corel pac of some kind I'd go with that.

    Hope you find what you need and should anything new come along I'll pass the information to you.