Corel 9 updates


1st, Corel 9 freezes when selecting certain menu items like Tools-Edit.

Corel and the Nvidia GeForce 8400GS VC on my Core 2 Duo system are conflicting.
Adusting or disabling the card features does nothing to fix this.

Running the current Nvidia updates DOES fix this.... Yehaw!

2nd, Service Packs 1&2 for Corel 9 will NOT install.
I get an error message stating these updates are for the english version of CorelDraw 9.337, which is exactly what I have.  Maybe a line in the registry is bad?  What gives here??

Thanks for any help.

  • Anonymous

    Found the answer on the KB by Google searching. AND it worked:

    To install the Service Packs for CorelDRAW 9 on Windows 2000 or XP, do the following:

    1. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel
    2. Double click on DATE and TIME
    3. Change the Time Zone to GMT +08:00 Perth (if this setting does not work, use GMT -08:00 Pacific Time (U.S & Canada); Tijuana time)
    4. Change the Year to 1998 and close the Date and Time Control Panel.
    5. Install the Service Packs. If you are applying both Service Pack 1 & 2, Do NOT reboot the system after installing Service Pack 1. Apply both Service Packs before restarting, and following the reboot, set the Date/Time back to normal.

    An older archive said set the year to 1999, just so long as it's not 2000 or higher.

    I think the world now tilts and rotates normally again ... just in time for 2012!