Corel Draw 5 Windows XP, effects, Swirl, Photopaint-condition #1000 Plugin-2466

Corel Photo Paint 5 will not convert 256 color graphic or any other graphic using the swirl effect. I only get the following message:

Photopaint-condition #1000 Plugin-2466 contact online support. I know 5.0 is pretty old,  but it's easy for me to use. PSPX works great but far more complex and I do use it now and again.

instead, the error message occurs. I have installed a newer program, but I like this one. it used to work fine.

I have installed Corel Paint Shop Pro X and it works great, but I don't understand why the old Corel Draw 5 doesn't. Some parts of the program work. It's not entirely in errors.

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  • Pretty old?

    Practically 15 years old..........which translates to ancient in the world of computers!!!


  • Have you tried reinstalling the program.

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    yes I reinstalled the program but , Windows XP doesn't list the program in add/remove programs menu, so  I deleted all known files under corel draw or corel 5  and then I reinstalled the program from the disk using the my computer menu and by clicking the icon for setup 1 on the disk contents menu itself. In spite of this the same errors occur in corel photopaint trying to use effects to alter the images I create or other images downloaded on line which could be varied in pixel depth and format. Corel doesn't have a reference to corel draw 5 error messages, just lots of help .txt files which don't address the specific error message in windows xp when I try to use Effects with an image of any type, in particular jaypegs, aka .jpg or Bitmaps, aka .bmp. I know Corel 5 is so old it was made to work with Windows 3.11 for workgroups and that was before mankind.

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    For better use of CorelDRAW 5.0 under XP you must use VirtualPC, a free Microsoft's emulator software, and install Windows 3.1x under VirtualPC and CorelDRAW 5.0 under Win 3.1x

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    Along Ariel's recommendation I would suggest that you remove Corel 5 using the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility followed by your Anti-virus scan and Malware removers. Then run CCleaner. Run the Cleaner portion of CCleaner first and then the Registry section and remove any instances of Corel 5 you see.

    WARNING: You are using these under you own risk. I have had no problem with them but you never know. Good Luck