Corel 7 on Windows 7 Home Edition



Firstly, apologies if this is a FAQ. I have searched this site but have not been able to find my answer.


I've had Corel 7 for years and have always loved it. However, I run Linux now on my own desktop and it doesn't work well in WINE so I installed it on my wife's PC instead, which runs Windows 7 Home Edition.


Corel DRAW basically works, except that every time I click into the drawing area, a "Windows Help and Support" window pops up and steals focus, which makes Corel DRAW nigh on impossible to use.


I have tried XP compatability mode stuff but nothing I have tried has made any difference.


Unfortunately, because the version of Windows we have is the home edition, I don't think we've got a virtual XP machine in which to run stuff.


I would prefer not to upgrade to a newer version of Corel Draw because I know my way around the one I have and it can do everything I need, if I could just stop this annoying Windows help message from popping up all the time.


Is there an easy fix to this?