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Corel Draw! 6 wont install

it seems to hang up on registering fonts (animals1.ttf, etc).

Any tips on resolving this ?


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  • Hello doc; What system are you trying to run Ver. 6 on? ( It is so old you may have to knock the mold off the flopy ) I don't think ver. 6 used ttf's, and I don't think the old fonts works in any of the newer Windows?


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    Yeah, sorry.


    Its a MS Windows XP Pro SP3.....I'm pretty sure my dad used this on the predecessor PC that was the same OS


  • This looks interesting. I haven't read it all, but it suggests TTF should work in version 6.


    Of course, the document is much older than windows XP so you'll possibly have to guess at some OS-specific steps.

    doc holliday
    it seems to hang up on registering fonts (animals1.ttf, etc).

    TTF fonts don't really need registering in XP. So if that's the only problem, try to find an install option that skips the fonts altogether. Then just copy a minimum subset of important fonts from the install CD, DVD or floppy into c:\windows\fonts.

  • doc holliday

    it seems to hang up on registering fonts (animals1.ttf, etc).

    Any tips on resolving this ?


    I've seen this exact issue before but not with version 6. Create a fake file called animals1.ttf and place in the directory it should be in. Setup will resume when it finds the file.



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    doc I think if you want to do some graphics of some kind you would would be doing your self a favor by up grading. Ver 6 was good in it's day but wouldn't hold a light to what the newer ver. can do, you are trying to use a program from the mid 90's and may have to go back to a 3 or 4 86 computer to run something that old?

    My Thoughts George


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    God suggestions!

    I just looked in the c:\windows\fonts file and animals1.ttf and architecture.ttf are there and open to show graphics....



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    Thanx - at this time I only want to do some simple .tiff editing, and had these CDs here.....I'll beat on it a little longer...

    ...maybe look for a free-ware or shareware....simple cropping / editing / combining program for map .TIFFs...


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    Hello Again doc; you can go to the "Corel.com" at the top of the page and down load a FREE trial ver. of X5.


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    Thank you, I have downloaded the new Corel, and the installation is proceeding pretty slow.....MAYBE I'm too impatient on installing Corel Drawing 6 (?)



  • First of all: you can use TrueType fonts with CorelDARW 6.0 without problem. But remember that there was two kind of fonts: "typographies" and "symbols". The symbol fonts (such as animals.ttf) was used for the special character docker, Ctrl+F11 

    On the Options menu (Ctrl+J) you can specify if you want to use "symbol fonts" as symbols or as fonts

  • Query to see if you got a fix. I bought CD6 in '96 or so and don't use it enough to want to pay for an upgrade. But I still want to use it--sounds like what you said.  I got a computer from someone who was going to toss it, which was good because my 2000 dell just quit. I don't want a new PC because I switched to Mac. So now I have winXP pro 3 and it won't install CD6 at all. The files are on the hard drive, but there's some kind of hang up getting the program to work. No error messages--it just won't work. The program directory shows an empty file. Any suggestions?

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    No luck.  I wanted to use it for a rush situation, and after the un-satisfied rush ceased, I stopped trying.   Kinda burns my chaps that "old" software won't work.  Matter of fact, if I ID a company that conciously attempts to build in non-workin obsolesence, I won't buy their junk.