Corel Draw and Vista

I've been using Corel Draw 8 and Photo Paint 8 for over ten years now, and have many cdr images and Corel Scripts that I still use.

Now I find that on my new Vista PC, Photo Paint 8 seems to work OK, but not Draw 8.  I don't imagine that a Draw 8 that works with

Vista is on the horizon.


I see an array of available Corel products that I don't know much about. Could someone be so kind as to tell me which would be

the most economical path for me to get the above capabilities under Vista I've had all these years with earlier Windows versions.



Ray Stone

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  • Hi Ray!

    Sorry to hear about version 8 draw not working.   By chance, did you try to reinstall it?  Sounds weird that paint would work but not draw.

    I also have Vista, used -V- 9 and it worked just fine!  Now I am using X3.... LOVE IT!!   I don't know if your looking to buy another version, but -v- 12 is a great buy, and it's also a very stable version.

    I recomend buying X3... I bought mine on e bay for 199.00.  Brand new, with all of the manuals, sealed in the box.... best 200 bucks I ever spent!  There are so many cool new things it will blow your mind!  Very easy to use also.

    If anything, try to reinstall... if that fails... maybe version 12?

    Sorry I can't be of much help... maybe someone else will have an answer to your problem.

    Good luck,


  • Hello Ray,

    we've only tested the latest version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite (X3) on Vista. We've actually gone through an independent company to certify that X3 is fully compatible with Windows Vista.

    Ray Stone

    I see an array of available Corel products that I don't know much about. Could someone be so kind as to tell me which would be the most economical path for me to get the above capabilities under Vista I've had all these years with earlier Windows versions.


    As a CorelDRAW 8 user, you are eligible to the upgrade version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3. If you buy a box and it has the Vista logo printed on the box, you will have the Vista compatible version of CorelDRAW in the box. If you don't have the Vista logo on the box or it's on a sticker, you will need to download the service pack 2 to get the latest version (use the Program Update feature to make sure you have it).

    Hope this helps.


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    Hi Ray,


    If any I would suggest you buy a new CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3. With this you will get so much for the money, especially if upgrading from version 8. There are so many new good things in the X3 version that you will probably get very inspired to do more work. And as Gérard from Corel itself said, you are eligible to upgrade to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3.

    And quoting your question: the most economical path?

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3.

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     X3 is great and I have been working with it on my Vista Laptop for a couple months now. Othe than vista being a pain, Corel seems to run well.

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    X3 is working great on my new Vista system at home. 

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    Hi, Hi, my mother is using version 9 for a while now and is cosidering buying a new pc that has vista on it. Now is my question: Will version 9 for with vista or will there be difficulties like there are with version 8? I read one positive reaction on these forums but would like some more to be really certain... my mo

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     It is my understanding that Corel has not checked compatibility with any versions prior to X3. You might think of upgrading to X3. It is the best version yet.

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    Hello Pascal,

    to second the message from Richard, Corel only tested and supports CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 on Vista (any version). CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 is actually the only professional graphics suite that is "Certified for Windows Vista" as far as I know. We actually released a service pack in January that enables anyone who purchases X3 to get the Vista compatible version for free. When it comes to older versions, we haven't tested them on Vista and don't know to what extend they will work or not.


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    Thanks for the help, my mother has decided to buy a pc that has xp on it just to be sure the program will work!


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    I've used several versions of DRAW, including 8. Whereas 8 is a powerful version, you get that same power in later ones. One thing I like in later versions is that the on-screen view is nicer, the edges are smoother. There are lots more things which DRAW does now than before. In X3 I especially like the Image Adjustment lab for working with pictures. I do a lot of grayscale pictures from RGB at work, and it is easiest to use, including desaturating. It allows me to bring out the midrange tones and adjust contrast, everything. It is really worth it.

    Versions 8 & 9 have a lot in common, and X3 in the help menu, allows you to highlight those features new since version 9. Not I'm afraid. But it does allow you to find your way around a bit easier. There are many more scripts written for newer versions of DRAW that are available.

    It's nice that your mom is getting a computer with Windows XP on it, but you might want to try the download trial of DRAW X3 as well. There are loads of useful features, exporting to .pdf and .eps is correct, you get .png with transparency. The list of benefits goes on an on.

    Anti-aliasing on type is much better in the newer versions of DRAW and the program is very stable, both 12 and X3. X3 has so many useful features. Once you get used to them, you'll ask yourself why you didn't upgrade sooner.

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     Hi Gerard, I have Coreldraw Graphicssuite 8 bought 10 years ago. I dont think I registered it at the time. I now have changed to Vista and I'll need to upgrade. The Corel website doesnt support registration for draw 8-too old. Is thee another way to register so that I can upgrade to X3 ?

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    Hi All, I have installed CorelDraw (R) X3 in vista. its installed successfully. after installing i am trying to open CorelDraw. it is giving a message that "To start this application for the first time or to activate, log in using an administrator level account. From then on, you can use any user account to start this application. " when i say ok, page is closing. but fact is i am logging in as administrator only. please suggest me what should i do? Tha in advance.

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     I just had to get a new computer and Vista was my only choice...well my Version 12 corel suite will not install   any advice ?

    It loads from he CD ( 1)  but when it tries to install it puts up a windows error and removes it self ?

    Thanks for any help you might be able to provide

    Joe larsen