CorelDRAW doesn't work Error 38

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 programes doesn't work


when i start any CorelDRAW program i have a Error 38

what should i do


*- when i remove the program and install it again it only work for one time and then the problem returns


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  • First try holding F8 key while you start CorelDRAW, and bring it to factory default.

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    i'm try F8 or Repair but can't worked

    complate uninstall and install is work


    but only 2-3 times for work


    i use trial copy  corel X4 but this problem is very bad score


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    your problem has no relation with your corel version

    problem from you system

    to resolve the problem try to install net framework 3.5 just find it by google

    restart directly after

    then repair your system in this way:

    press winlogo/from keyboard/ with R key

    it will run the run window

    type inside cmd then enter

    it dos screen will appear

    type inside:


    then enter

    it will give you three options retype:



    asmall window will appear to you

    but your windows cd in the disk reader

    and wait to finish this step

    then restart your PC and redownload your corel again

    you will never see this problem


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    i'dont understand

    .net is defective?

    but work any other programs and Corel 3-4 times for diffent days

    and another day .net going error ? very interesting

    but i'm try your suggestion


    What is Error 38 ? this error is classified and numbered

    Does anybody know what we are looking for


    Thanks for all

    Note: today live again this problem

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    The problem is with Corel, I had same error after I disabled Protexis Licensing V2 in Windows Services. Just go back and re-enable this. Corel has "spyware" installed to make sure customers who paid for their software are using the license correctly. This site explains how to fix,

    I don't understand why Corel uses this software to check legit licenses, any hacker or software thief can get cracks to get around this, so why do us the customer who actually pays for Corel software have to suffer with misc. software installed without our permission. Hope to see this fixed in version X5.

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    Yes problem is fixed

    Thanks @ lmc

    Corel why to explain we create a service for licensing and this service is "protexis"

    we can't be accept any other 3. party software

    i'm use only try or view file maybe 10 times in a year

    but run every time unnecessary service


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    ihecker blog has been deleted by Google! Here is the link to the fix on ihecker blog:

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    Erm, I do not even have a Protexis Licensing in my Windows Services?

    How do I obtain this Service?




    Addendum: I installed Protexis.

    Have it automatic, is running, error 38 persists?

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    Have you tried a repair install of X4 since protexis was fixed?

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    Sorry, had a problem with internet.

    F8+program does not work, how do I repair, please?

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    A repair install is usually possible from windows control panel > programs and features (in windows 7) or add and remove programs (in XP).

    Right click on the X4 program name in the above list, which usually only has one option -- uninstall/change -- and click on it. You should then see three options, one of which is repair.

    If that doesn't work, you may need to use the DVD or the original download, which should also have a repair option.