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Deep Exploration Update and 64 bit version in Designer Technical Suite X5

I installed the evaluation version of Designer Technical Suite X5 and am quite impressed with the integration of Deep Exploration CCE. This seems to have all the features I'm looking for.

The Deep Exploration plug-in is at version Is there a way to update it to the latest 6.3 version?

Also, Right Hemisphere offers a 64 bit version of Deep Exploration. Is it available within Designer Technical Suite X5?

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  • Deep Exploration CE as integrated with Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5 has been updated to version 6.3.4 recently. The update is available as patch for all Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5 installations (licensed installation and trial) and can be downloaded from here: http://www.corel.com/servlet/Satellite/eu/en/Content/1153321224268?pid=1284151953341

    The patch will update the installed Deep Exploration CE level to version 6.3.4. It keeps the license status as before:

    • Deep Exploration 6.3.4 CSE when being installed with a licensed version of Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5
    • Deep Exploration 6.3.4 CCE trial when being installed as part of Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5 trial version (trial period will remain unchanged by that update - an expired trial cannot be extended by that update)
    • Deep Exploration 6.3.4 CCE licensed version if Deep Exploration CE has been activated as CCE level product previously (Add-On license to Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5)

    Deep Exploration 6 CE is available with Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5 as 32-bit application only. It supports installation on 64-bit Windows which gives some advantage on RAM use for importing very large 3D assemblies.

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