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I downloaded the Render Plugin from the CorelCAD Market and registered the product. I am using it right now and really like it for rendering realistic drawings. My question is: is this a trail version or is it free to use?

I went to the About section of the plugin and it does not say it is a trial version (view screen shot).


  • As far as I can see, it's a 15 day trial with a $249 annual fee.



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    thanks Diane


    I have a week more to enjoy the plug in. I am not sure why do they not offer a permanent license instead of annual payment.

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  • I just purchased Corel Cad as I have been using Corel draw and an older version of Corel Cad from 13 years ago or so.

    When I was trying to render the object that I created, I find that this is an option that you have to purchase  for $250 per year or an other $2500 for the next 10 years and beyound. I feel totally cheated. I this rendering is the rewarding part of all your hard work. You can see your finished product in different lights.

    They give you all you need in Corel Cad, but then they suck you for all  they can before you can enjoy your finished work.

    I think may be charge for the add on once, but wanting to milk you for the rest of your life is robbery. THis costs more than the CAd program itself. That is not in proportion to the value of the cad program and clearly a form of dishonesty.

    I feel so mad!!!!!

  • Are they any other plug ins for Corel Cad   without paying $250 per year

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    Are they any other plug ins for Corel Cad   without paying $250 per year

    There does not seem to be any other reference to Render Plugin(s) and this response is rather belated, however it is appropriate to update the information in the posts above.

    As at 28th october 2013 Graebert are offering Render Plugin Licence for CorelCAD at:

    Language: English

    Licence:     PERPETUAL

    Trial:          15 Days

    System:     Windows 7, 8, Vista & XP, Windows XP SP3.

    Requires:   CorelCAD (2014.4.XXX) 32 Bit

    Size:          192 MB

    The upside is that this is a once only cost but the downside is that it is only 32-bit and IMO this should be part of the Package and not an add-on.