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Menu Bar using CorelDraw X4

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First published by:
Robert Hueffman
on Tue, Jul 20 2010
Last revision by:
Robert Hueffman
on Tue, Jul 20 2010
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Menu Bar using CorelDraw X4

This is my problem  whenever I start a project and create a NEW page I completly lose the ability to "save as", "scan in a picture" or any of the other functions the drop menu when use "FILE"?  I know the program worked when I first installed and I have no idea wha happened.  If this happened someone out there and fixed I would apprecitate it.


Bob Hueffman E-Mail prius1@comcast.mey

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By: Adrian Juman Posted on Wed, Aug 3 2011 15:58

This question is best asked in the Forums.

But a simple and quick answer would be that the Trail Version has expired or you have a corrupted workspace.

By: Ralph Williams Posted on Mon, Jun 11 2012 20:01

Thanks. How do I down load tool bar to be able to work with maps?

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