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How to show Thumbnail Preview


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First published by:
Adrian Juman
on Wed, Aug 12 2009
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on Thu, Apr 25 2013
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How to show Thumbnail Preview


Occasionally, after the installation of CorelDraw on a computer running Windows, image thumbnails are not shown.

Atap Fiberglass, Tangki Fiberglass

Rumah Dijual

Quick Fix

 > Folder Options
    > > View
       > >> Always show icons, never thumbnails


Recent Comments

By: Mal Posted on Fri, Sep 18 2009 14:58

Thanks to all the people who responded to my problem. My problem was with CDR files, particularly

I came across an answer, finally, by trying something that hadn't worked before. Get ready for a long explanation.

Originally, I had CorelDraw 12 installed. I didn't uninstall it before I installed CorelDraw X4. I made sure I had access to both versions since I know that Corel is not the best company for having bug free software.

The preview icons were not visible after the installation. I uninstalled CorelDraw 12. Still no previews. I tried several suggestions from this forum but none worked.

Finally, I removed CorelDraw 14 (so I had no CorelDraw versions installed). I reinstalled it making sure ALL options were chosen - still the same problem with preview icons. What got me the preview? Retrying a suggestion that didn't work previously.

I right clicked on a CorelDraw graphic went to the Open With option on the right button menu and chose Choose Default Program. I deliberately chose another program - even a program that WON'T open CorelDraw files is fine) and made sure it was set as the default.

Next I went back to the same menu and chose CorelDraw as the default. Shock of shocks, I could see previews - tiny previews but previews.

There is a condition to viewing high resolution previews! The file must be saved in the CorelDraw X4 native format.

I hope this helps someone who has been wrestling with

By: Cheve Posted on Mon, Oct 5 2009 2:42

what native format?not so familiar with the term..^_^.. i have same problem too,havent fixed it yet..sad:(

By: Silvio Gomes Posted on Tue, Mar 2 2010 14:30

Native format, in simple words, are the 3 letters after file name. Example: file_name.DOC (in Word), file_name.CDR (in CorelDRAW), file_name.EPS (Photoshop). .DOC, .CDR, .EPS and so on are the native formats.

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