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Postscript drivers for corel x5 in win 7

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on Wed, Nov 9 2011
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Postscript drivers for corel x5 in win 7

Postscript drivers for corel x5 in win 7, adobe is giving drivers for adobe indesign, illustratior, ect., why doesn't corel provde postscript drivers for coel X5. or else which is the best postscript printer compatible with corel x5 in win 7.

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By: Nagendra Kumar Posted on Fri, Mar 30 2012 5:08

Corel X5 Given Device Independent PostScript File but it not useful as Scitex Dolev800 PS L2 driver, when i was do PS in Device Independent Postscript, it automatically Rotating. I don't like that., now i am using Win XP but i love to use Win 7, but in Win 7 There is no Scitex Dolev800 PS L2 Drivers thats why i am using XP, pls. any one help me.

thanking you

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