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Printing Issues

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Printing Issues

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The following list is by Printer/RIP on which an issue has been resolved.

Postscript Printing

Problem printing a Postscript file, don't know where to start to sort it out? RIP the file to screen using Acrobat Pro or Ghostscript (GS -- an open source program which has had considerable development since its creation in the 90s.) If a file fails to RIP in Ghostscript it's very unlikely to RIP on any other device, GS is renowned for being able to process files rejected on other RIPs making it a great testing platform for assisting in identifying Postscript errors. Partner GS with GSview and you have a GUI interface for the RIP similar to Acrobat.

Once a file has been proved as RIPable using GS or Acrobat Pro and (assuming it fails on the printer RIP) you need to start trouble shooting what might be the likely cause.

Postscript Printer Driver

MS Windows supplied driver appears as "Device Independent Postscript File" -- Not ideal for Postscript printers as it doesn't have a clue of the features or limitations of the device.

Adobe PS Driver appears as "Generic Postscript Printer" and PPD check box is enabled -- this is the preferred driver for generating Postscript files. For all versions of Windows below Vista it can be download from Adobe. For Vista and above Adobe only distribute the driver through printer manufacturers.


1. Wrong PPD

Symptoms -- output fails; imaging occurs at incorrect location on page

2. Wrong PS version

Symptoms -- output fails; image processing takes longer that it expected; some printer features are not available

3. Postscript output too complex for then memory available in RIP

Symptoms -- output fails; some page objects are missing or partly rendered

4. Other issues unknown or RIP software error

Symptoms -- output fails; Postscript code is printed as text

How to troubleshoot a Postscript error

Include a Postscript error handler in the information sent to the printer. Normally PS error handlers once sent to the RIP will stay resident in memory until the RIP is rebooted. When a file fails to print with the error handler resident, the printer will output a page with the offending error. Once you know the error you can Google that specific error or post the error to the forum for discussion. The controls for the error handler are some what buried in dialogs, the screen grab below should provide a guide to selector.


Known Issues

Postscript Landscape

Postscript files include a boundary box. This frame is important on EPS files but is ignored on many RIPs and the boundary is defined by the paper size and rotation. However there is an issue where Draw PS output fails to correctly reflect a landscape page in the boundary box setting. If the PS device essay writing help uses the boundary box in preference to the page rotation, landscape pages will print incorrectly. You can observe this error using Ghostscript and make a comparison to the printed output to confirm if you have this issue.

Finding PPDs...

Look at the Mac Drivers they are a must on the Mac. (Newest printers)

Printers around XP era  (Good source for film setters and older pro printers)      

PPDs held in the Linux Library   (Usually most printers bar the most recent)      

Between those 3 sources there should always be a PPD that can be located for a specific device.

In CGS X5 landscape boundary box issues have been corrected and are no longer a problem. If you have this problem the best solution is to update to CGS X5. YOU MUST USE A PPD WITH THE PS PRINTER EVEN IN X5!

Epson 3000 (may apply to many raster type printers)


Printing interactive fills over bitmap objects causes a drop out of the bitmap equal to what would be the square area of the whole interactive fill.


Tools/Options/Printing/Driver Compatibility

Check "Use software clipping for fills"


Like many issues in X4 interactive fills have been corrected at print time in X5. The above solution for X4 while still available may not be required in X5 and could result in print file size bloat for no gain.

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