List of GUIDs for standard CorelDraw dockers?

I would like to find out the GUIDs to work with (show, hide, check visibility of) standard CorelDraw dockers.

For example, I know from an example posted by Shelby (Oberon forums, 2010) that the Hints docker is "bc1e2f70-3b58-41cd-8406-aaa550482972".

I'm pretty sure that I know an unsophisticated way to do what I want to do - but I would need to know the GUIDs first.

Is there a list? Or a way to determine the GUIDs for the dockers that are currently visible in the application?

-- Eskimo

  • Step and Repeat - b3fb1964-9f5d-4650-8e4e-20b88bb9671c
    Links and Bookmarks - 1a0af10a-c0c8-fead-4f94-fb89f4fc2db2
    Get More - de52917e-e529-456c-a9c0-dbb13838ef85
    Tray - 83f56d75-2bdd-4fb7-91db-b38894f5684d
    E&xtrude - 9452d7fb-1204-4e0f-9ff6-92b7806c199d
    Lens - e6873daf-b5b9-4957-bb78-3335fc8c6054
    Bitmap Color Mask - 7ef910da-e881-4f59-86ea-94456da7761d
    Undo Mana&ger - 07fb80fc-12a5-42b7-97d3-6703f7e8413d
    Object Manager - 73675757-b6d9-44fb-87b8-f86089d94e87
    Color Docker - 454fda4e-4634-4079-8534-17797a64dfae
    Object Data - 799476ff-2b80-43cb-b51a-a31ac9141618
    View Manager - 18d6991b-8ef8-4b48-be1a-d55f769648a9
    Color Palette Manager - a2f385ec-72c6-4364-bead-4cd09e6dda93
    Artistic Media - e79e3cf2-c93d-4694-b463-f2f7113872e8
    &Envelope - 2191be05-845e-4ee1-8d61-c036f492fee8
    Symb&ol Manager - 30afc88c-1e67-4b21-9893-73cbb3895bd3
    Projected Axes - 28b4a595-af12-4199-aa2d-2d8e9a008b60
    Guidelines - 0750d8df-2c52-43d7-9aa0-9ec2531dfe42
    Alignment and Dynamic Guides - a8b139f6-dd44-0883-49e9-8b18d2b16f38
    Bevel - 370e97bf-651f-4431-9bfd-140035be0c7e
    &Blend - 155feb2c-56dc-4a8c-9362-9ab38561b267
    &Contour - b9fa0ab0-e60e-38a0-443d-37f0488d6aa8
    Align and Distribute - 7b49396f-f989-c087-4ed9-de2b835dcf68
    Object Coordinates - dbd626b4-ed44-3ca1-4ce8-71921595bd74
    Transformations - 9d5d7bc9-3227-1195-4c7a-fe91788e2367
    Object Properties - 102052d9-0a87-481a-af3b-00f1bce81f9f
    Internet - 8151bb6c-2ec0-84b7-4d1e-a379eabd0156
    Fillet/Scallop/Chamfer - f3ab7212-445a-c7b4-47db-94a7d944ccda
    Shaping - aed09712-12ac-d98764723-aa3167ef73ca
    Join Curves - d632ed56-5e70-bca1-43f8-249a6342dbf2
    Object Styles - dbda185b-ac02-f6b4-4052-654348a46a39
    Color Styles - 5e850daf-af40-d480-4201-10e9cf35b841
    Text Properties - a3f597ca-e079-ab88-4e2f-28a3b4db6d8e
    Insert Character - 76baddcc-6deb-e481-42c6-389833de8d5a
    Font Playground - 957f5aab-d8f9-35aa-4f2c-20c938c7c08b
    Macro Manager - 5c2d914c-1b89-66a7-45d9-3e4600dcc6aa
    Color Proof Settings - aa9dfbd3-74ae-4543-8203-84ad1a1f4d7f
    _ENGX Effects - 3010fdf4-5eb7-1fa6-4521-29bf4e6cc369
    Hi&nts - bc1e2f70-3b58-41cd-8406-aaa550482972

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