Contour Cutting Tool - CutBuddy


I just wanted to share a macro for CorelDRAW 2018 that speeds up my print & cut work by a lot.

I've attached a Zip-file containing the GMS and a workspace file.

It takes all the outlines on the page and puts them in a named layer.
If the layer already exists - it doesn't create it

For now it uses spot colors for Summa S-Class and F-Series.

I welcome every kind of critique/questions you have to come with.
And if you mod it somehow, please let me know, I'm eager to learn!

Hope you find a rookies new work useful 

Sub KissCuttingKnife()

    '   Description:
    '   Finds outlines and puts them in layer Kiss Cutting Knife.

    '   Checks if layer we have a layer called Kiss Cutting Knife.
    '   Otherwise we create one.
    Dim L As Layer
    On Error Resume Next
    Set L = Nothing
    Set L = ActivePage.Layers("Kiss Cutting Knife")
    If L Is Nothing Then
        Set lr1 = ActivePage.CreateLayer("Kiss Cutting Knife")
        End If
    '   Then we fins every outline on the active page,
' change color and name, then move it to the right layer.
' Last we ungroup all objects in the cut layer. Dim sr As ShapeRange Set sr = ActivePage.Shapes.FindShapes(Query:="@outline[.type <> 'none' ]") sr.SetOutlineProperties 0.003, Color:=CreateSpotColor("9cb2e69c-47fd-4c62-a64e-abac15eb95eb", 8, 100) sr.MoveToLayer ActivePage.Layers("Kiss Cutting Knife") sr.UngroupAll End Sub

The code is for one of the tools, but the code is pretty much the same for all.