Panicking! Corel 19 | Visual Basics Application Gone???

Tell me that VBA is still a thing for CorelDraw 19? 

I have 19 and it has VBA but We upgraded a coworkers CorelDraw from 18 to 19 and hers only shows Visual Studio and JavaScript. This is scaring me because have have a lot of macros we use!!!! 

Mine shows Visual Studio, Basics and Java. Hers just shows Visual Studio and Java... :(

Help please before I panic!! 

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  • It's still there.   I can't recall how we got VBA to show up.  Maybe just creating the GMS folder and copying files into it.  Or,  recording a macro will create the folder.  

    Bad news,  we've found some items no longer functional so be sure to test your legacy macros.

    I suspect we'll see more movement toward toward JAVA and less VBA to cater to MAC users.

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