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Need to write a toolkit for setting and editing a chain of a sequence of numbers, for the CorelDRAW graphic editor.

There is an initial layout, it has a lot of scattered text frames in different locations, each with its own assigned name in the object manager. There are numbers inside the text frames. Each digit in these frames has its own pair (a different frame, but inside with the same number value).

What you need to do:
- create a function for changing the value of numeric pairs at the same time;
- simplify it to simply clicking the mouse over text frames, without the need to write numbers manually: new numbers are put down depending on the sequence of mouse clicks;
- to ensure work with "chain links" in this sequential numbering, i.e. when one numeric pair is removed from the chain, the subsequent ones are rebuilt by -1, when added — by +1;
- make it possible to graphically display the sequence, for example, when activating this function, two connected connecting lines are drawn from the number 2 (there is a tool in CorelDRAW), showing where the numeric pairs 1 and 3 associated with it are located.

I am ready to answer any questions. I am ready to pay for the work via PayPal

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