Some of you should know that Corel disbanded the CorelSCRIPT language to adopt VBA many years ago.

Today the CorelDraw uses VBA in the Recorder and in the Macro Editor (that in case are the same). But Corel Photo-Paint never left the CorelSCRIPT.
In the Macro Editor it uses VBA. But it still uses CorelSCRIPT implicitly in the Recorder to generate the .CSC files that can only be used in the Batch Process.

If the Corel company does not provide documentation about CorelSCRIPT nor provide Corel Script Editor to download, why does Photo-Paint not adopt completely VBA like CorelDraw?

However, I would like to edit the .CSC files for the Batch Process, but I do not have knowledge neither an Editor with intellisense.
How to get files from a directory in VBA? - I feel myself flaking stone.

That is important, for example, to resample many different images to 50%.
The Photo-Paint Recorder only generates absolute values. Then I would get by the methods Width and Height to result relative values.

Any solution?

  • Is there a link to download the Corel SCRIPT Editor?
  • Is there a way to import a library into the VBA (Macro) Editor to recognize the CorelSCRIPT language?
  • Is there a way to record macros in VBA language with Photo-Paint for at least to process files getting a list?

    This last one would need to save and close each document if possible, and if possible get the list of files by a dialog box.

What I want least, of course, having to write these codes with each position, import, resize etc.

Thank you.

CorelSCRIPT - old language based in BASIC and used in Corel applications.
VBA - Visual Basic for Applications, languge created by the Microsoft and adopted by Corel for the same purpose.
Corel SCRIPT Editor - old application to write codes in CorelSCRIPT language.
Macro Editor - the nickname that Corel gives to the VBA editor.
Recorder - tool that record tasks performed. Photo-Paint generate a .CSC file with CorelSCRIPT, CorelDraw generate a procedure in Macro Editor.
Batch Process - resource of some applications to perform automatically common tasks at many selected files. In case is a resource of Photo-Paint.