Integrating a GMS add-on in CorelDraw menus / toolbars in X7 and CorelDraw 2017


I am wondering whether anyone can offer help in integrating two macros in an existing and working GMS add-on in the top-level menus or toolbars of CorelDraw X7 and 2017 (using UserUI.xslt, AppUI.xslt and coreldrw.addon files)? The macros worked without any issues in X5 and X6, but I am unable to get it to work with X7. I haven't tried 2017 but it is possible that it does not work either. This is a GMS VBA add-on with two simple macros that need to be called from submenus of a top-level menu. This should be a fairly quick job for someone who already integrated an add-on in CorelDraw menu system.The end client is willing to pay a reasonable fee for this. If anyone can help, please write to stasokhvat AT gmail DOT com.

Thank you.

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