Check all correct colors in ExtrudeEffect


I create shape, paint it a color pantone Purple (for example). I apply to it Extrude effect and make  a extrude color -- solid Reflex Blue.
Then I want to get all extrude color:

If shTmp.Effects(i).Type = cdrExtrude Then
MsgBox shTmp.Effects.ExtrudeEffect.Extrude.BaseColor.Name & " " & shTmp.Effects.ExtrudeEffect.Extrude.BevelColor.Name & " " & shTmp.Effects.ExtrudeEffect.Extrude.ShadingColor.Name

All colors are pantone Purple.

if I change a fill color to Control Rectangle (for example  pantone Yellow), then Msgbox code shows me correct information: Yellow ReflexBlue Purple

How I can get correct colors dont change color to Control Rectangle?

My main task is finding some color to everywhere. I have CorelDraw X6.