Using GetApplicationPreferenceValue when GroupName contains a space?

I'm trying to use Application.GetApplicationPreferenceValue, but it's not working for me when the GroupName contains a space.

Sub test_get_app_preference_01()
    Debug.Print Application.GetApplicationPreferenceValue("Directories", "AutoBackup")
End Sub

Sub test_get_app_preference_02()
    Debug.Print Application.GetApplicationPreferenceValue("File Locations", "DefaultFillPath")
End Sub

Sub test_get_app_preference_03()
    Debug.Print Application.GetApplicationPreferenceValue("NodeEditTool", "TransientSkiaGpuAccelerated")
End Sub

Sub test_get_app_preference_04()
    Debug.Print Application.GetApplicationPreferenceValue("ShapingTool", "EffectRate")
End Sub

Sub test_get_app_preference_05()
    Debug.Print Application.GetApplicationPreferenceValue("FilletScallopChamfer", "FilletRadius")
End Sub

So, in the above subs, the ones with GroupNames that do not contain spaces all work as expected.

The one with the GroupName "File Locations" gets me this:

Is there some syntax of which I'm unaware for handling the GroupNames that have one or more spaces in them?