WARNING: Uninstalling CorelDRAW 2019 destroy your CorelDRAW X8 64bits VBA

Recently installed CorelDRAW 2019 Trial.

Unconvinced (to stay polite) since I saw mostly regressions/performance degradation, I uninstalled it.

To my dismay, after that my COrelDRAW X8 64 bits had no more VBA editor etc... grrr

I had to repair it and redo all the customization I had done !! 

  • I think it's not really a 2019 issue.... I remember trialing X8 before along with X7 installed on my system and when I uninstalled X8, the VBA is gone. I believe they are using shared VBA components across CorelDraw version, hence why you need to reinstall VBA because it gets uninstalled.

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