Any one can help me making a Macro that I need ? If you think you can, please contact me ! I have been months trying to find someone to make this, including peope who made greats macros.... Thanks

One of my last conversations with someone, trying to find someone to make this...



Yes, I was aware of that macro, and Shelby even referenced it in his entire reply. But still, we agree your dilemma cannot be done with the current tools included in CorelDraw.

Shelby said: "Yeah, that looks fun. I would go with your first thought, not possible. I had a perspective macro a zillion years ago that if you did it in reverse could straighten an image. But Mike's was a little better so I pulled mine. So give it a look, maybe it will inspire you to do the impossible:"

Thanks, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!

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There’s one macro at macromonster that take a Banner and change the Perspective.

The banner are vectors and you put it like inside e 4 sides quadrilatero....
Getting the shape of it...    

There is not a big diference with what I need...

Buuuuuu   I am trying to be sure you can’t do this...    sniffffff

Happy new Year