I can't use visual studio editor in coreldraw 2020.

I installed visual studio 2019 community and CorelDraw 2020  and could open the visual studio editor. However, when I edit the addon in visual studio, I could not start the debugging. 

When I start the debugging, visual studio 2019 community will show the message:

Cannot start debugging. Pre-debugging negotiation with Host failed.

What's more, the change of code in visual studio could not be saved in CorelDraw. 

I tried to uninstalled CorelDraw 2020 and reinstalled, uninstalled visual studio 2019 community and reinstalled, uninstalled visual studio tools for applications 2019 and reinstalled, I tried to repair them and so on. However, it still doesn't work. 

This problem has been bothering me for a long time, I have no idea to solve it.

Hope someone could help me to solve it.