Adding reference to Excel Object library when Excel not installed

I am writing CorelDraw VBA code to use Excel Worksheet data from an xlsx or xls file. I don't have Excel installed. Is there a way to do that?

I know I can use an Access database if Access is not installed. But what about an Excel worksheet file?

Thanks in advance.

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  • When you use Access database, you do not really use Access Application...

    For using Excel, it is different. But there are some (free) alternatives. I know about two of them:

     1. An open source requesting (free) log on Google System, would be 'GSpread`. It uses API from Microsoft Excel and your code does not have to be rewritten. I would be enough to add a few rows at the code beginning. To create the object to be used and log on to Google.

    I did not test it. I only read something about it. It is free, easy to test. See more details, including VBScript samples, here:

    2. Install Open Office and use it. It is free, too.

    But its code (equivalent of VBA) is different... It uses a lot of similar functions, but is different in terms of using specific objects. I used it for some people not having Office installed. Different, but not very complicated. It also can use API, for windows manipulation. A lot of examples on the internet regarding how to use it.

    You can download it from here: