can we see 2 units of measurements

Is there a way to have both Units of Measure in Inchs and mm, show up as rulers at the same time in corel x6

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  • You can do this simply by yourself:

    Define a 'Master-Unit', let's say mm

    Create a small macro which draws – depends what grid you need – maybe each millimeter in Y-Direction

    Copy this block for the Y-Direction:


    Sub MkRuler()


    Dim CurValue As Double, CurDelta As Double

    Dim CurLy As Layer


    ActiveDocument.Unit = cdrMillimeter


    Set CurLy = ActiveLayer


    CurDelta = 1

    CurValue = 0


       CurLy.CreateLineSegment CurValue, 0, CurValue, ActivePage.SizeHeight

       CurValue = CurValue + CurDelta

    Loop Until CurValue > ActivePage.SizeWidth

    CurValue = 0


       CurLy.CreateLineSegment 0, CurValue, ActivePage.SizeWidth, CurValue

       CurValue = CurValue + CurDelta

    Loop Until CurValue > ActivePage.SizeHeight


    End Sub


    Create a new layer

    Rerun the macro with a step width – also what you think to need – of 1/8 inch (in this case you have to divide 25.4 mm by 8)


    CurDelta = 25.4 / 8


    Then you have two layers with different grids you can show or hide as you need