Name of SaveAs path

Upon creation of a new CorelDRAW document, the is  "Untitled-1", the "1" can be other number.  As this is a new document, the ActiveDocument..FilePath is "", an empty string.

However, if I use File | Save As, the Save As Document folder field contains "C:\My Documents".

I would like to obtain this folder field value from within my VBA macro.

How may this field value be obtained, or what is the activedocument property, or method for access?

Thanks in advance.

  • I assume, that this value isn't controlled by Corel, it's a system default.
    In 'Your' Windows environment you have also the environment variables 'HomeDrv' and 'HomePath'. Corel most likely use that variables to create the fallback-path when saving an unnamed document.

    You can retrieve those variables in VBA with the commands Environ("HomeDrv")+Environ("HomePath").

    I hope, you know, that with ActiveDocument.SaveAs "C:\Temp\MyDoc_01.Cdr" you can control the finale out location by yourself.

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