Full API documentation?

Perhaps I just am horrible at searching, but I can't seem to find any docs on the full CorelDraw API. For example, if I record a macro to export an AI file, I see calls to ActiveDocument and ExportFilter:

Dim expflt As ExportFilter

Set expflt = ActiveDocument.ExportEx("ExportTest001.ai", cdrAI, cdrAllPages, expopt)

Yes, I can not find one entry in the API docs linked from this area:


I can't find ANY info at all about an object named ActiveDocument and the info provided for ExportFilter is woefully incomplete:


I see nothing that documents all the various properties that the macro recorder seems to know about:

With expflt
.Version = 10 ' FilterAILib.aiVersionCS6
.TextAsCurves = False
.PreserveTransparency = True
.ConvertSpotColors = False
.SimulateOutlines = False
.SimulateFills = False
.IncludePlacedImages = True
.IncludePreview = True
.EmbedColorProfile = True
End With

Am I missing something? Or is this really all there is?