Open the Gaussian Blur Menu programmatically

As is already known, various modules in Corel 2019 and larger no longer work in VBA and C#.
Now I would like to open the menu Gaussian Blur.
Idea 1:
The following key combination should be opened with a button (cmd+c --> cmd+b --> cmd+Space --> cmd+g).
Unfortunately I have no idea how to do this.
Idea 2:
If I knew the command ID of this function it could be opened with this ID.

Has anyone ever tried to solve this?

  • Try:

    Sub ApplyGaussianBlur()
    If ActiveShape.Type = cdrBitmapShape Then ActiveShape.Bitmap.ApplyBitmapEffect "Gaussian Blur", "GaussianBlurEffect GaussianBlurRadius=800,GaussianBlurResampled=0"
    End Sub

    Sub GaussianBlur_Dialog_SK()
    If ActiveShape.Type = cdrBitmapShape Then SendKeys "%cb g"
    End Sub

    Sub GaussianBlur_Dialog_Invoke()
    If ActiveShape.Type = cdrBitmapShape Then Application.FrameWork.Automation.Invoke "a0f20985-2078-4629-98ed-ffc91fa4c0bd"
    End Sub

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