Open the Gaussian Blur Menu programmatically

As is already known, various modules in Corel 2019 and larger no longer work in VBA and C#.
Now I would like to open the menu Gaussian Blur.
Idea 1:
The following key combination should be opened with a button (cmd+c --> cmd+b --> cmd+Space --> cmd+g).
Unfortunately I have no idea how to do this.
Idea 2:
If I knew the command ID of this function it could be opened with this ID.

Has anyone ever tried to solve this?

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  • Please, download this GMS, show its UserForm1 and press 'Get Command Bars'. A list of command bars will populate the left list box. Clicking on a command bar, all its controls guide will be displayed in the larger lest box.

    Now, in order to find the guide of a control not usually staying on one of those command bars, you should add the control in discussion on a command bar, using 'Customize->Menu Bar->Add New Command`. 'Property Bar' looks to be the most accessible. You can search for the control selecting 'All (Show All Items)' and move the control on the bar, simple using drag and drop. 

    Then, press again  'Get Command Bars' and click on the bar you place the control. In the right list box you can find it...

    There is another button named (in Romanian) 'Help pentru controale noi'. If pressed, it will show a message saying in Romanian something similar with what I tried describing above...

    In order to place the link I used a transfer site and it will be valid only for the next 7 days...